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2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards

I've been working on the Pitch for over a week. It has to be 300 words or less, and is the basis for getting through to Round 2 of the judging. If you don't like the one that follows, you should have seen the fourteen versions that preceded it.

Alexander is astute, well-educated and brimming with caustic wit, but he can’t seem to remember the golden rule of slavery: keep your head down and your mouth shut. No wonder more than one person in the house of Marcus Crassus wants to see this former Greek philosophy student dead.

Through accident and intervention, Alexander manages to survive, but is he willing to take the proffered hand of the one ally he wants desperately to despise – his owner? Every boon and advancement accepted from Crassus is an acknowledgment that his former life is gone. Yet how can he resist? Crassus is a good man, for a Roman.

At last, Alexander realizes that accepting his condition is the only way to recoup the little freedom left him. He willingly opens his eyes to his new life … and immediately falls in love with Livia, a fellow servant he’s never allowed himself to see. But romance for a slave is a fragile thing, especially when tragedy befalls the Crassus household in the guise of Gaius Julius Caesar and his insatiable ambition.

Alexander has won the ear of Crassus, but can a slave keep a master of Rome from making a choice which will topple the foundations of an empire?

THE BOW OF HEAVEN, BOOK ONE: THE OTHER ALEXANDER is a historical novel of ancient Rome that takes a fresh look at a titan of the era through the eyes of a slave who serves him. Steve Donoghue, Managing Editor of Open Letter Monthly says, "'The Bow of Heaven' is superb: a beautifully crafted, electrifying example of just how good historical fiction can be. Don't miss it."

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