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If advertising is a means of persuasion, the offering below worked. It persuaded me never, even if I could afford it, to buy from this insensitive caterer to the 1%.
New Yorker Ad


Due to the requirements put upon me by Amazon and BookBub, I have had to revise the free offering of The Other Alexander to December 8 - 10.

The release of
Blood of Eagles is still scheduled for December 6. Thanks for your understanding.

Blood of Eagles

Ten years in the making! A virtual cast of thousands! Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott in deathmatch for rights!

At long last, The Bow of Heaven trilogy will be off the bucket list with the release of Blood of Eagles. I admit, it took a bit out of me. Here is a picture of what I looked like when I began writing this 1,400 page saga in 2004:


And this is what I look like now:


Sometimes, I even look like this, especially in the morning (ask Steph):


Pre-orders are now being accepted
here for a December 6 release.

More good news. The first book in the trilogy,
The Other Alexander, will be available for free beginning November 26 until Blood of Eagles goes on sale.

So, you're probably thinking, that's it for Alexandros and company. Andy's had it up to here with togas and swords and bows and arrows. No duh. Having said that, a prequel entitled
Melyaket, a Tale of Ancient Parthia, is planned for release either in 2016 or 2017, depending on how quickly I record the audiobook for A Mixture of Madness.

Wait, what? It's true, I'm going to give it a shot. The
first audiobook is doing quite well, so I thought I'd try my hand at this voice acting thingy. It could be fun, although the only place that is even remotely soundproof in our house is our clothes closet. Claustrophobia, here I come.



Honored to be a Bridesmaid

The Historical Novel Society is making me blush again. The Other Alexander was shortlisted for the 2014 HNS Indie Award. You can find my comments about the novel on the link below.

Sometimes not winning feels just like winning. And remember folks, book three of the
The Bow of Heaven trilogy will be out by the end of the year. The working title is Blood of Eagles. Thank you all for your patience.

HNS Indie Award Shortlisted Author : Andrew Levkoff

But It's A Dry Heat

And we used to think the San Andreas fault was California's biggest problem. Taking a look at this map, published by Reuters, we might want to think about renaming the American Southwest. How about Arrakis? Now where did I put my stillsuit?



Charity for the Gatekeepers

James Patterson, best-selling millionaire author, is worried about the fate of book stores. He recently donated $1,000,000 to small book stores to help stave off their demise. A noble gesture, but technology and the market, in my opinion, will render it meaningless. Ebooks sales are rising steadily, and while I love the heft and smell and feel of a three-dimensional book in my hands, I know the writing is not just on the wall—it's on the Kindle, iPad, etc.

Reading (pardon the pun) between the lines, Patterson also fears for the future of those monolithic publishers who are getting elbowed out of the selection process of what the public should be reading. Who are these nefarious nudgers? Why, it is the great unwashed public itself. Heaven forbid they be allowed to decide what they want to read!

The heart of the target of Patterson's campaign is Amazon, also a bookstore, but one that happens to champion ebooks and new, even self-published authors. It is no longer necessary to beg for an agent or sift through a pile of publishers' rejection letters while waiting and hoping to get published. Anyone can upload their oeuvre and if people like you and me like it, it may just become a best-seller.

Rather than go through Patterson's argument point by point, I'd like to introduce you to J. A. Konrath, another best-selling author who also happens to be a champion of self-publishing and has been almost since its inception. Here's a link to his post regarding Patterson; if you listened to the NPR interview and felt that James was sprouting a halo and wings, I urge you to consider the flip side of this discussion. Here it is: