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His Master's Voice

A strange and highly unlikely event occurred awhile back, something akin to bagging a rainbow trout the first day fly fishing. (I have fly fished many days, and never "bagged" anything beyond a soggy pb and j for lunch.)

I received an entreaty from ACX, Amazon's Audiobook Creation Exchange, to have
The Other Alexander produced as an audiobook. Amazon has this rather nifty gizmo called Whispersync. Here's what it does:

"…the new Whispersync for Voice functionality allows customers to switch seamlessly between reading a Kindle book and listening to the corresponding, professionally narrated audiobook across devices without losing their place. Audiobooks will also be eligible for the new Immersion Reading feature, which allows customers with the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD devices to listen to a professionally narrated audiobook from Audible as the text of the corresponding Kindle book is highlighted on the screen."

I can't afford that! I thought. Narrators charges thousands of dollars to read an entire novel. But what the hey, it didn't cost anything to post a call for auditions. Months passed, then lo and behold, and you know where this is headed, I got a nibble, then a bite, then a British gentleman by the name of Andrew Randall landed flopping (forgive me, Andrew) in the net. (another subsidiary of gorilla Amazon), in order to promote this growing segment of the market, is paying actors a stipend to get more audiobooks out there. Bless their little hearts. And bless Mr. Randall. So keep your ears peeled—in a week or two, book one will be through the approval process. When you have a chance, go to Amazon or iTunes and give a listen!
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