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When the Naysayers Come A-Calling

You're sitting in the cafe at Barnes & Noble, sipping your Strawberry Double Tall Mocha (you never know), and you wince as you overhear someone at the next table pontificating on the reasons why global warming (an expression which has been sanded and smoothed down to the more palatable 'climate change,' which is silly, since the climate is always changing - what we're talking about here is the long-term threat to Earth's ability to moderate a man-made increase in global temperature) is a blankety-blank liberal conspiracy to undermine those poor, underprivileged executives in the petrochemical industry.

For the sake of humanity's survival (the planet itself will get along quite well without us, thank you very much), you feel it is your mammalian duty as an interlocking part of the Gaia ecosystem to speak out on behalf of, dare I say it … the scientific record. But the facts just aren't at your fingertips, and it's much easier to pluck "God would never let anything bad happen to his creation" out of the coffee scented air (coffee futures rose 95% in the twelve months ending May, 2011 - I won't say why) than it is to provide statistics on the outgassing of Arctic methane on the East Siberian Shelf. Well, have I got a website for you:

There you will find, among other bullets to push into your global warming holster, that scientists are the
first investigators into physiological phenomena to try disprove their own theories. It's almost the definition of science. There are no axes to grind, just facts to find (well, it almost scans). So check it out!

By the way, this post was spurred by the news that the movement to teach creationism in schools may soon be joined by one that forces teachers to present 'evidence' why there is no such thing as global warming. I'm not going to tell you where I heard it, because you'll insist that I give Fox 'news' an equal airing. Not gonna happen.