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Everybody's A Winner!

The giveaway for The Bow of Heaven is over. To my amazement, 1,405 people entered to win a copy. In order to show my appreciation for the 98.2% who will not get a book for free, here's the next best thing. Send an email to, put SPECIAL OFFER in the subject line, and I will send you a coupon for

$4.00 off the retail price of $13.99.

So for ten bucks, you can get
The Bow of Heaven and also take advantage of free shipping. A minuscule price to pay for the February Editor's Choice of the Historical Novel Society's online review site. (Click here for the link.)

Why am I willing to earn almost nothing on my blood, sweat and callouses? Because I am counting on you to send your friends and family to Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, wherever, to buy their own copy. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing that you did a good thing supporting independent publishers and authors,
you'll have paid less than they did!

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