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Happy Days

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Well, it's been a long year (is it not even October?), and I've learned a lot. It's tough being an independent publisher, tougher being a self-published author while you're trying to earn at least half an honest living and spend more than twenty minutes a day with your family. Book two of The Bow of Heaven series, A Mixture of Madness is almost finished. The title is taken from a quote by Aristotle:

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

I'm feeling very excellent these days. Did I tell you the world's finest and most prolific literary critic (from Dryden to Marvel Comics), Steve Donoghue, managing editor of Open Letters Monthly, was asked to write an article for the Wall Street Journal on what's new and upcoming in Roman historical fiction? No, that compliment wasn't self-serving; if you don't believe me, just read a random sampling from his blog, Steve, in addition to touting mainstream authors like Mr. Saylor and company, will be mentioning me. OK, it's a little self-serving. The article will be published by mid-October. And you can bet I'll be re-posting it here.

Do writers of the WSJ read a higher proportion of Roman historical fiction than the average reading public? You know, when you think about it, I'll bet they do.

So what's that exotic, yet forbidding graphic up there all about. Can't tell you. It's a surprise.

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