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A Fine Noise

After almost a month of waiting, the audiobook for TOA (The Other Alexander) is finally available here. has set the retail price at $19.95. Am I bovvered? That's less than 4 cents a minute. If you listen to it more than four times, it's practically free, innit? I don't know why I'm suddenly doing Catherine Tate. It must be her red hair. Anyway, I've placed a link to the Prolog at the end of this sentence so you can hear some of Andrew Randall's fine work. Podcast

So it's January, and that means New Year's resolutions, right? Nope. Sorry. Haven't got any. Wouldn't live up to them if I had. Although I have promised to complete the final book of the
The Bow of Heaven trilogy by the end of 2014. Yes, well, good luck with that. I rested about three days after completing AMOM (A Mixture of Madness) before striking out boldly, or should I say stumbling feebly into book three, whose title I have tentatively changed to The Archer and the Arrow.

I am having a rather difficult time of it, for two reasons. First off, I realized that AMOM was a better book than TOA, so now I have performance anxiety. How do I know it's better? A few reasons. I'm reading more widely, thanks to Stephany and her highbrow book club, and this of course means that I am hating more authors, whose talent, wisdom and brilliance with the mother tongue really frosts my cookies. Some of it must be rubbing off, which is not quite plagiarism; more like dusting the dandruff from the shoulders of those who came before me. People I trust are also telling me it's
Tallis Rack
better. I hope they are not equating "better" with "longer," because it's certainly longer. Practice may not make perfect, but I have to trust that there is still some talent left to hone, that there is yet some way to go before I reach that inevitably humbling stretch of road where I think I've got tread to spare but everyone else in the car knows those tires went flat ages ago.

Secondly, I left so many plot strings dangling at the end of book two it looks like I'm wearing a tallis. So now I not only have to write well, I have to be clever. I am not known for being clever. I am known for having a bad memory. I don't see how that is going to help. Pray for me. (Tallis optional.)

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