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For a Limited Time Only!

The second book in The Bow of Heaven series, A Mixture of Madness, will be released within the next one to two months. That should force me to get it done, right? Just saying it out loud on the INTERWEB.

Here's another reason. For a limited time, at least until a month after
AMOM is released, book one, The Other Alexander, will be available for 99 cents. Those who'd like to get it while it's less than a cup of coffee, please go to, or Amazon. Come to think of it, even when it was selling for $2.99 it was still less than a lot of latte's. (If you go to the links, and the old pricing is still up, please be patient - David and Goliath may take a day or so to get the message.)

Please pass the word, click the 'Like' button if you did, and if you really did, take a few moments to post a short review. Thanks so much!